Sanctuary Seven

“There is absolutely no one I trust more with my hard-earned money than Edith Kajlik. She is wicked smart, financially savvy and extremely conscientious in ensuring my consulting practice’s financial infrastructure and operations are solid. Edith operates with the highest integrity which is critical for a professional who handles other people’s financial livelihoods. Edith’s is also current on cutting edge financial practices and incorporates her expertise into innovative financial wisdom that has expanded my own financial acumen. Edith goes above and beyond in that she doesn’t simply “do accounting or bookkeeping”. Edith lends her expertise to helping me ensure I have long term financial sustainability and freedom. Her consultation and financial coaching services leave me with a sense of not only financial but also personal security. You can trust that if Edith is in your corner, you can rest easy knowing your business and personal livelihood are in exceptional, capable hands!”